Creating Idea Pins on Pinterest for your Family History

Creating Idea Pins of Pinterest for your Family History by Genealogy Girl Talks

I may be late to the party, but I’ve been testing Pinterest’s Idea Pins for Genealogy Girl Talks lately. The best part I’ve found (so far) is no dancing, no loud music, and no catchy trends are required!

I want to share how I’m using (and testing) these new Idea Pins, how they’re working for me, and how I want to tweak my approach for future Idea pins. Plus, I will offer suggestions on how you can use them for your own Family History research, blog, and/or business.


So, let’s get started…

This first thing to know about Pinterest’s Idea Pins is they are exactly as the name entails… they are pins related to ideas. Second, Idea Pins can be slides, images, videos, or any combination of the three. Also remember keywords matter here as well as everywhere else on Pinterest (it’s a search engine). Pinterest also gives you the option to add music and/or audio recordings.

To date I’ve only used videos for my currently posted Idea Pins, but intend to try out static image slides this week. I will keep you updated on how that goes.

Creating Idea Pins on Pinterest for your Family History by Genealogy Girl Talks

So, how are they working for me?

So far I’ve created one Idea Pin with audio (it was a voiceover) that didn’t do as well as my pins without sound or music. The best performing Idea Pins I’ve created are the quiet ones - no audio or sound.

All of my pins currently use moving text. The reason I use moving text is to keep the viewer engaged. If you choose to use moving text, too, be aware of the speed of your text’s movement. If the words move across the screen to quickly your viewers may just swipe away and not view your entire video.

How do I plan to create Idea Pins in the future?

This month I plan to test static images and slideshows with my pins. I want to try a few of those and add slow and soothing music. Why am I choosing to try slow and soothing music? I feel like it wouldn’t interrupt the current “flow” of Pinterest. What does that mean to me? Pinterest is a search engine and not a social media platform with loud music. I feel like the loud music belongs elsewhere. You don’t see loud music while you’re searching Google or any other search engine. Really there is nothing worse (for me) than quietly scrolling and something loud and obnoxious startling me.

How can you use Idea Pins for your Family History research, blog, and/or business?

First I ask that you keep in mind the following are only suggestions. Remember each person’s research, blog, and/or business is unique. Your approach and what you are doing is different than everyone else. There are no two blogs, websites, or even research style the same. Each writer has their own style. Each graphic style is different.  These are only suggestions from me. I’m simply someone out here testing these new pins, too.

My suggestions for Pinterest’s Idea Pins:

  • Keep your moving text at a speed appropriate for reading - flashy text is a distraction.
  • Use images appropriate for your style and approach.
  • Try something new if you’re not getting the results you want with what you are doing. 
  • Define your goals early. Do you want more views to your website, increase your follower count, grow your mailing list, etc. A clear goal will help you measure your success.
  • Use content that conveys an idea. How to do something, where to find something, and why you researched where you did are great places to start.

There are so many options when creating Pinterest’s Idea Pins. I hope these suggestions and a peek into what I’m doing inspired you to create your own Idea Pins. 

Stay tuned for future blog posts as I update my own approach and share what is working for me.

You can find me on Pinterest and view my current Idea Pins here: Genealogy Girl Talks on Pinterest 

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