William Gillman Found In Church Records

Whoa! Today I located Church Records from the Sardis Association's yearly Meeting Minutes! To say I'm excited is clearly an understatement! I can't believe I finally found records that list my ancestors! What a great find!

So, let me tell you a little bit about what I found and then I will share a little about these records.

Within the pages of these records I located the obituary for my great great grandfather, WIlliam "Bill" Gillman (1873 - 1954). Below is the transcript of his obituary:

Bill Gillman

"I will try by the help of the Lord to write an obituary of a beloved Brother in hope, to wit: Brother Bill Gillman, born March the 11th, 1873, departed from this life June the 9th, 1954, making his stay on earth 81 years, 2 months, and 28 days. He joined the Regular Baptist Church in May, 1924, and was baptized by the hands of Elder W.H. Hurley. He lived a good and faithful life until God called him home to Heaven.

He was the son of Sam and Betty Gillman and was united in marriage to Pheobe Stone, a beloved Sister who preceded him in death. To this Union were born 12 Children. Four preceded him in death, leaving 8 still living, as follows: Charlie, Vicey, Betty, Lon, Lewis, Oma, Roxie, and Martha. Also leaves 51 grandchildren and 33 great-grandchildren, with a host of friends to mourn his passing. He is sadly missed by all who knew him. He was so good, loving and kind to all he met, filling his seat in Church as long as health permitted him to go. He bore the fruits of righteousness of God, always counseling his Brothers and Sisters and neighbors in kindness and in love.

Children, just a word to you who have not made your peace calling and election sure with God, if you ever see dad again you will have to go to him by living as he did while his Lord blessed him here on earth. Just remember his good counsel and try to meet him and your Mother in Heaven some day. So let us all live our life as Brother Bill did and when we leave this world of sorrow we can be with all the saints of God and walk the streets of Gold with Jesus.

Written by your unworthy Brother,
Joe Robinett."

The obituary at the link above includes a picture of William "Bill" Gillman and his wife, Phoebe (Stone) Gillman.

The Church Records

The records located at this link state these Church Minutes are the "Minutes of the Sixty-Second Annual Session of the Sardis Association of Regular Baptist." The meeting was "assembled at Mt. Pleasant Church" located in Canada, Pike County, Kentucky. The dates of this specific meeting is September 10, 11, and 12, 1954.

Within the pages of these records are "Memorial Meetings" and services. These begin on page 12. The obituaries begin on page 15.

The following obitiuaries appear in these records for 1954 - some include photographs and some do not:

1. Nancy (Bogar) Reed
2. Bill Gillman
3. Vicey (Francis) Williamson
4. Izola (Young) Ray
5. Patty (Jude) Maynard
6. Don Varney
7. Dock Eldridge
8. Mabel (Scalf) Crabtree
9. Polly (Bevins) Stratton
10. Nancy Blackburn 

You can find these Church Records and Meeting Minutes by clicking this link: HERE 

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