Who Wins Family Feuds?

Here we go! It’s my first blog post here where I share my personal family history! I’ve debated about this for years. Then, I decided to just do it. So, why not begin with my feudist ancestors...

While researching my family history, I've found several family feuds that involved my ancestors. I've often wondered who actually "wins" these feuds. Is it the family who killed the most people? The family who obtained the land? Who actually wins in these feuds?

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Hatfield & McCoy Feud

My great great grandmother, Phoebe (Stone) Gillman (1873 - 1949) is the niece of Randolph McCoy of the Hatfield & McCoy Feud. Phoebe's mother, Levisa "Vicy" McCoy (1844 - 1917), is the 12th of 13 children of Daniel and Margaret "Peggy" McCoy. Vicy's brother is Randolph McCoy.

Marcum-Muncy Feud

The Hatfield & McCoy feud isn't the only feud that included my family. The Marcum Muncy Feud, which also took place in that region of Appalachia, involved the Marcum, Muncy, and Parsley families. This feud never had a "winner" in the end either. While the Marcum Muncy Feud isn't as well known as the Hatfield & McCoy Feud, it is a feud which my family members were key players.

My 3rd great uncle Ryburn Parsley (b. 1823 to Moses Parsley and Polly (Loving) Parsley) was a key player in this feud. It seems as if his connection to my Muncy family caused his involvement with them against the Marcum family.

Ryburn's wife, Penelope Muncy (b. 1825 in Lawrence County, KY) is the daughter of James Muncy and Martha Copley. She is the niece of my 4th great grandfather, Thomas Muncy (b. 1800 KY).

In a newspaper article posted on Facebook, the Marcum-Muncy feud occurred in the 1850's on Tug River. You can view that article here: https://www.facebook.com/historicwaynecountywv/photos/a.591367894311059.1073741828.591330634314785/899951303452715/?type=3

Who Wins?

So, I ask the question: who really wins?

I also wonder if other people's families have this many connections to famous family feuds. Do you have connections to “famous” family feuds?

If you have family connections to these feuds, I would love to hear from you! Ryburn Parsley is one of my brick walls.

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