Genealogy Girl Talks Podcast Episode 002 Genealogy News You Can Use, Back to the Basics, What is a Generation, Cemetery Visits, and More

On this week’s episode of the Genealogy Girl Talks podcast I discuss some Genealogy News You Can (Hopefully) Use, Back to the Basics, What is a generation, Cemetery Visits, New Ideas for YouTube, Advice for Others doing their Family History and Genealogy, Brick Wall Wednesday, and more! You can find the Show Notes and all the links and mentions HERE

Genealogy Girl Talks Podcast Episode 002


  1. If you do a lot of family history and genealogy research in the Appalachian region then I have some news for you! WikiTree’s 100 Days of Appalachia announces its Weekly Quests for the week of Monday, May 6th, 2024. This is a new one for me! You can even find teams based on the area you research the most! This looks a lot of fun! You can find more information at: HERE If you’re interested in WikiTree’s Project Appalachia, you can find that information HERE
  2. The National Genealogical Society’s 2024 Virtual Family History Conference is coming soon! The dates are May 16 - 18th. There are a lot of virtual classes listed for a variety of topics. You can learn more HERE


Today we’re getting Back to the Basics in Genealogy and Family History. I’m featuring the following blog post I recently wrote. “What is a generation in Genealogy and Family History?” You can find the link HERE 

In this episode I mentioned a post on both Instagram and Threads about advice for those starting their family history and genealogy journey.  Stop by and read the advice from others - it may help you on your own journey! You can find those here: INSTAGRAM and THREADS

New Ideas for my YouTube Channel and videos about cemeteries, headstones, and even Brick Wall Ancestors. What do you think? Maybe a “Brick Wall Wednesday” video? You can find my YouTube Channel and the video I mentioned HERE on YouTube and HERE on TikTok

And, of course, there are a few bloopers at the end of the episode. Why? Because, well, I thought they were funny!

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This episode aired on May 7, 2024

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