Back to researching my family history after a long break by Genealogy Girl Talks

I'm back to researching my family history after a long break and, whew, it's been a bit overwhelming! I'm making a lot of new discoveries, finding new photos and documents, and getting overloaded with information.

I'm finding new information in the 1950 census and had no idea my great grandfather was remarried with children while my great grandmother was living with my grandparents. She was marked as "widowed" even though he was only a few miles away. Excuse me, but what? 

Then I discovered my other 2x great grandfather was only a few doors down from my great grandmother and her family. It even gave the address. I'm amazed!

Oh, and all the new Memorials on Find A Grave are fun to navigate, too. There are so many new pictures and new information for me to sort through. 

Ugh… overwhelming!

Honestly, it's been a fun few weeks journeying down the rabbit holes like Alice, but all this new information is a little overwhelming.

It's time for me to step back, slow down, and focus on one thing at a time. It's the only way for me to remember (and not lose) the information I'm uncovering along the way. 

Now, I'm off to create a research plan and a new technique for organizing all this information. Any helpful suggestions?

So, how have you been? What are you currently researching? Any new discoveries?

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