My Top 5 Family History Goals for 2020

While I’m not really a “new year, new you” type of person, I do believe in setting goals. I have personal goals for the new year and decided to put together a short list of my Top 5 Family History goals for 2020. Maybe this list will inspire you on your own Genealogy and Family History journey.

My Top 5 Family History Goals for 2020 from Genealogy Girl Talks #Genealogy #FamilyHistory #NewYear

So, onto my top 5 goals I’m hoping to reach this new year...

1. DIGITIZE MY PHOTOS. Perhaps, like you, I have boxes of family photos and negatives that I would love to digitize. This year that is one of my top goals to reach.

2. WRITE & BLOG MORE. I’m hoping this will be the year I write and blog more here. I’m planning to join the 52 Ancestors project from Amy Johnson Crow to motivate me with her weekly prompts.

3. CLASS AND/OR WEBINAR. This year I plan to teach a class or webinar. I’m currently brainstorming topics and ideas and hope to have this created at one point in the new year.

4. FINISH & PUBLISH MY BOOK. I began writing my Paranormal Genealogy book late in 2019. This upcoming year I plan to finish and publish this book. I’m hoping to have it finished in the next few months!

5. VISIT MORE HAUNTED OHIO CEMETERIES. I love visiting cemeteries and recording them. My husband and I created a list of a few cemeteries here in Ohio that we want to visit. I’m including haunted ones on my list. There is something about a haunted cemetery that intrigues me. Watch for these visits this year!

Here’s to a great new year and goal setting! I’m hoping these tasks will be completed in 2020!

Have you set any Genealogy and Family History goals for the new year? I’d love to hear yours!

My Top 5 Family History Goals for 2020 from Genealogy Girl Talks #Genealogy #FamilyHistory #NewYear

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