Genealogy & Instagram: Microblogging (Part One)

I’m beginning a new series here on Genealogy Girl Talks! I want to share with you how to use Instagram for your Family History & Genealogy. Today I want to focus on Microblogging. This may be a new term for some, but its been around for a while. Some of you may even be doing it already!

Genealogy & Instagram: Microblogging by

What is Microblogging?
Microblogging is a combination of blogging and instant messaging. It typically consists of a short “blog” post and a picture. This is easily done on Instagram. It’s an easier and faster way to communicate information and share your family history!

What are the benefits of Microblogging on Instagram?
- The information is quickly consumed by your readers and followers.
- The information is typically concise and short.
- The amount of time it takes to create and share your content is shorter.
- You can share posts more frequently.
- It’s easy to get started.

How can you Microblog your Family History on Instagram?
There are several ways you can share your Family History & Genealogy on Instagram. The easiest is to simply upload a family photo and share your ancestor’s story. You can share pictures of family member’s or family heirlooms. Don’t forget to use hashtags so others can find you! (That is a topic for the next post in this Blog Series).

Instagram is a great platform for Microblogging. Are you currently using Instagram to Microblog your family history? If not, come join the fun!

If you’re looking for daily prompts to help you get started, consider joining us in the “Genealogy Photo A Day” challenge. Search the #GenealogyPhotoADay hashtag (or click HERE to see what others have posted). There are currently over 12,000 posts with the hashtag! Follow me (@GenealogyGirlTalks) for each month’s daily prompts.

I hope to see you over on Instagram as you Microblog your Family History!

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