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This article is Part II in my Blogging Your Family History 101 series. To find more information about this series {click here}. 

I want to teach you the simple side of starting a blog. Whether you are starting a Family History blog or any other type of blog, this information will be helpful to you. I offer tips, tricks, and advice on blogging that anyone can use!

First off, let's look at naming your blog. What will you call your blog? I came up with 3 Things to Consider when naming your blog. They are listed below.

3 Things to Consider Before Naming Your Family History Blog

Whenever I am asked this question I reply with a few tips: 

1. Make it simple 
2. Make it memorable - easy for others to remember 
3. Make it searchable. 

Make it simple. Simple blog names (and websites) are easy to type, easy to say, and easy to remember. These are important in naming your blog. A simple blog name includes simple words that are easy to spell. Okay, so genealogy may not be easy to spell, but, after a few attempts at spelling it incorrectly, most people will get it. A simpler approach is the term "family history" - it's just easier to spell. 

Make it memorable. Memorable blog names are easy to remember. They are catchy and people will remember them. They are the same as the definition of memorable: worth remembering or easily remembered, especially because of being special or unusual. 

What does "Make it searchable" mean? Basically, if you add keywords (or words people use to search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) to your blog's name, your blog will rank higher on people's search results. Does that make sense? After all, you want people to find your blog, right?

To make your blog more searchable, use words related to what your blog is about. If you are writing about your family's stories and history, you could include your family's surname in your blog's name. For example, if your surname is Jones, you could name your blog The Jones Family Gathering, Jones Family History, Jones Family Memories, Jones Family Stories, etc. These blog names would catch the attention of other people searching for information on the Jones Family, too.

A few keywords you can include in your blog's name (to make it more searchable) are terms related to Genealogy and Family History. I gave a few examples above (memories, stories, gathering, etc) but there a lot more you could use, too.

Putting It All Together

Now that you have 3 Things to Consider Before Naming Your Family History Blog, what are you going to name your blog? Keep it simple, make it memorable, and name it something searchable.

Did you find this article helpful? Check out our Blogging Your Family History 101 series to get started on your own Family History blogging journey.


  1. I love your ideas for family blogging and research.

  2. most of us will end up blogging on multiple surnames, so I am really torn on what to name my pending blog...

    1. It’s a difficult decision many bloggers go through when they are first starting their blog.