Deciding What To Blog About - Blogging Your Family History 101

This article is Part 3 in my Blogging Your Family History 101 series. To find more information about this series {click here}. 

I want to teach you the simple side of starting a blog. Whether you are starting a Family History blog or any other type of blog, this information will be helpful to you. I offer tips, tricks, and advice on blogging that anyone can use!

Now that you have decided on a name for your blog, let's look at Deciding What To Blog About. This, at times, is the area most people stumble on when they set out to start a blog. Remember what I said back in Part 1 of this series? Repeat after me: Blogging is easy and fun! Keep it simple and you will experience the fun side of blogging.
Another thing to remember, when setting out on this blogging journey, is that the majority of people who start with an "idea" to blog about eventually change it over time. I'm not sure why this happens, but it does. Listen to your readers, they will tell you what they want. 

For example, perhaps you start out blogging about family stories and your family (and/or readers) love these blog posts, but say, for example, that you start writing about timelines for each of your family members. Your family (and/or readers) tell you that they LOVE these more. You would eventually begin writing more of the family "timelines" due to the positive feedback you receive. I believe this is how blog topics change over time.

Just remember to "Go with the flow and be willing to change your blog topics" - this will help you along the way!

At this point you may be asking, "but what do I blog about?"

This is a tricky question that doesn't have a straightforward answer. I can't answer that for you, but I can help you with ideas on deciding what to write about for your family history.

Let's take a look at 5 Ways To Blog Your Family History.

1. Timelines. Timelines are a great way to share your ancestor's story. Start with their birth and write their own personal story according to events in their life. These are done in chronological order. You may even be amazed by their story! Include events such as birth of children, marriage, residences (get out your census records), and death. You can add your own personal twist to this too.

2. Memorials. Write your loved ones story in memorial form. If you need help with Memorials, check out the website They have beautiful Memorials submitted - some will bring tears to your eyes.

3. Family Stories. Write your family's stories and share them with others. Many people love reading stories of the way of life in the 1800's, early 1900's, and more. 

4. Family Tree. Write out your family tree. Whether you use the pedigree tree (or any other type) you can write out your family's genealogy in this way. 

There are many other ways to Blog Your Family History. Have you decided on what to blog about? How do you intend to share your Family History?


  1. I have a lot of genealogical data on both sides of my family...on my paternal side I have more biographical data on my great uncles, etc. On my mom's side of the family I've found some interesting stories.

    I thought I'd start by transcribing the story my paternal grandmother wrote about HER family. I also have links I can add to other sites for "shirt-tail" cousins.

    I'm interested in finding out about the Tays families in Tennessee, because all my info on the Tays family originates in Ireland and Nova Scotia.

    A blog would provide me with instant gratification of publication! And HOPEFULLY connect me to other family members, clear up some questions, clarify information and correct "myths and legends" along the way.

    1. Terrie, your family sounds very interesting! I hope you find the information you are looking for on your Tays family. The benefit is that it isn't a common name and that should help you during your journey!

      Yes! A blog is a great way to sort and group your information. I think its a great idea and I am currently working on a branch of the Genealogy Girl Talks website which will cover the topic of blogging Family History and Genealogy! I can't wait to launch it. Hopefully it will help you, too!