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How to use Pinterest for Genealogy

How to use Pinterest for Genealogy and Family History

Have you ever considered using Pinterest for your Genealogy and family history research? I started using Pinterest for my family's genealogy and I love it! It's a great way to organize the family photographs and documents found around the internet. Plus, as an added bonus, the link to the document and family photo is provided and you can easily share with family! There's no need to save old family photos to your computer (and forgetting the source). And there is no more taking other people's photographs and posting them as your own. Now, with the assistance of Pinterest, you can simply share them through a "pin."

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Want to learn more about using Pinterest for your family genealogy and how it can help you with your family tree?

I like to think of Pinterest as an online image search engine. It's a lot like Google, Bing, and Yahoo but with a twist. Once you type in your search words your results are displayed as images and pictures. This can be very helpful for those who do family genealogy. Imagine the surprise when your ancestor's picture shows up and it's a photo you've never seen before! Plus, there is a link attached and you can click to see both the photo and the website where that picture is stored.

Pinterest provides many benefits for family genealogy. 

1. Pinterest gives you a place to organize your information. 
This information is placed onto what Pinterest calls boards. Boards can be as broad (or as specific) as you prefer. You create them and decide how to organize them.

2. Pinterest allows you to connect with family members you may have never  known.
Other people can find your boards and pins (images) through the Pinterest search button.

3. Pinterest also allows you to organize and save the pictures and documents you find online.
You simply pin them to your boards and the link is saved along with them image. 

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