My Granny’s Photo Project Launch

My Granny’s Photo Project Launch by Genealogy Girl Talks

Today I am launching my “Granny’s Photo Project” and invite you to join.

If you are interested and want to participate this is how the project will work.

I am adding family photos I found in Granny’s boxes. Many of these are negatives I’ve processed and uploaded.

My Granny was notorious for writing on the back of her photos to help us identify who is in the pictures. These photos do not have that writing since they are from negatives. I’m hoping together we can identify who are in the pictures.

So, I will randomly add photos with a link to a larger view of the picture. If you can help us please comment your thoughts and suggestions. This will help us work together to solve the mysteries.

I will try my best to sort the photos by surname and/or family group. Most of these pictures are from Southeast West Virginia as well as parts of Virginia. The surnames include Hargis, Vaughn (Vaughan), Fleenor, Rutherford, Midkiff, Mullins, Craddock, Fraysier (Frazier), Price, Davis, and more. The counties in West Virginia include Lincoln, Logan, Cabell, Wayne, and more. The Virginia counties include Lee, Scott, Washington, Russell, Wythe, and more. There are a few Kentucky counties as well. 

Once a photo has been identified I will update the page with the information. 

Thank you for helping and joining the fun!

You can find updates and links to new photographs HERE

If you’re interested in commenting, but don’t want to publicly comment, please contact me using the contact form in the menu at the top of the page. 

If you’re interested in receiving email updates when new photos are added, you can sign up here: (coming soon)

To get started, here are a few photos that need identified. I will label them to help with discussions.

Granny’s Photo Project Launch by Genealogy Girl Talks
Photo 01

Granny’s Photo Project Launch by Genealogy Girl Talks
UPDATE: Per Sue photo 02 is Betty Jo in the front center, Joe in the front far right, Catherine back left. 

Granny’s Photo Project Launch by Genealogy Girl Talks
Per Sue: Catherine, Betty Jo, Joyce (possibly)


  1. Genealogy Girl TalksJune 20, 2022 at 3:40 PM

    Sue, the last picture looks like Betty Jo is in it.

    1. I think so, too, the last one. My guess is Catherine, Betty Jo and Joyce (?)