Granny’s Photo Project Batch 001

Welcome to my “Granny’s Photo Project”

Here you will find photos I’ve digitized from my great grandmother’s negatives. This is Batch 001.

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Now, onto Batch 001…

Photo 01 - Batch 001
Per Sue: “One on right looks to me like she could be Elvie (Hargis) Midkiff or Nora (Hargis) Mullins.”

Photo 02 (Batch 001)

Photo 03 (Batch 001) - UPDATE: Per Sue this is Betty Jo in the front center, Joe in the front far right, Catherine back left. 

Photo 04 (Batch 001)

Photo 05 (Batch 001)
Per Sue: Catherine, Betty Jo, Joyce (possibly)

Photo 06 (Batch 001)

Photo 07 (Batch 001)

Photo 08 (Batch 001)
Per Sue: “Myrtie, Lester ( holding Glen, I believe).  Possibly Robert on left side.”

Photo 09 (Batch 001)
Per Sue: Grandpa, Grandma Hargis. Grandma holding Robert, maybe.

Photo 10 (Batch 001)

Photo 11 (Batch 001)

If you can help identify the people in the pictures please comment below or contact me from the contact form. 

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  1. The picture of Grandma and grandma holding a second baby?