Lucy Jane Owens Fraysier: My BrickWall Ancestor

Lucy Jane Owens My Brickwall Ancestory by Genealogy Girl Talks (

This beautiful woman (on the left) is my maternal 2nd great grandmother, Lucy Jane Owens Fraysier, from Virginia.

She is known to many as Grandma Lucy. Grandma Lucy was born in December 1852 to John & Mary (Buster) Owens. She passed in Scott County, Virginia in 1931.

My great Aunt kept many letters filled with stories from Grandma Lucy. These stories have led me down a journey of discovering many family roots I didn't even know I had! Perhaps, my family's DNA are confirmation of this.

I shared the picture above (from the Scott County Historical Society on the Genealogy Girl Talks Instagram account along with a screenshot of my Grandma Lucy's family tree.

I'm hoping to connect with my Owens & Buster families to further my research. Anyone familiar with these lines?

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