FREE Crochet Wrap Bracelet Pattern - Genealogy Girl Talks Gets Crafty!

Grab your vintage buttons, yarn, and crochet hook! Let's get crafty!

Crochet has been a family tradition in my family. Many of my ancestors crocheted and created with their hands. I have followed their lead and began crocheting many, many years ago. I fell in love with fiber and the "hook." :)

Today I want to share with you a simple crochet wrap bracelet you can make. This is great for the beginner crocheter or even those with lots of experience. It works up quick and makes a great gift!

So... are you ready?

Let's get crafty...

- Size G crochet hook
- any worsted weight yarn of choice
- button (or vintage button if you prefer)
- yarn needle, optional


approx = approximate
sc = single crochet
ch = chain stitch

Row 1: leaving a long tail (approx 3 inches) ch 60, don't turn.
Row 2: sc in 10th sc from hook, ch 49, sc in last sc of row 1. Fasten off leaving a 3 inch tail. (50 ch)

Now that you have your piece completed, attach the button to the end opposite the loop (the loop is your buttonhole) using the yarn needle. Depending on the type of button you use, this step will be different. Make sure you knot your piece to secure the button.

Simply wrap the crochet bracelet around your wrist twice and loop the button through the buttonhole.

I hope you enjoy this pattern and bracelet! If you create your own wrap bracelet using my pattern, let me know! I would love to see your creation! You can use the hashtag #GGTgetscrafty 

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