Help! An Old Recording Of My Grandfather

This family history research can be interesting, to say the least! I love the twists and turns that always occur. The story and video I’m about to share with you is no different.

Recently, I obtained an old reel to reel tape recording of my grandfather. He passed away before any of his grandchildren were born. His grandchildren, including me, have only heard stories of him. We never knew him. We only know the pieces of his life that our family has shared. 

I have his WWII journal that I believe he held in his pocket as he documented the events he encountered.

I have letters he wrote to his children.

I have his old beat up guitar that he played.

And... I have these recordings.

I have a glimpse into his voice.

His voice singing a song.

In this recording, he is singing a song that we have been trying to identify without success. We believe this is an old hymn and need your help.

I know the recording is not the best quality, but can you help? Do you recognize the song he is singing? Please let me know in the comments below...

Oh, and as for the twists and turns we encounter on this journey, the reel to reel player I have is from my other grandfather. I have a few of his reels, but they don’t play correctly on the player. Isn’t that interesting? 

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