Family Heirlooms: My Great Grandmother's Purse

Can I just say that I LOVE when family treasures find their way back to me? This one doesn't disappoint!

Recently my Great Grandmother's purse found its way to me. The contents of this purse are amazing to me. The treasures and memories contained within this purse I hold dearly.

A few of the scandalous letters in this purse are surely the plot of books and movies.

Slowly I am making my way through each letter, picture, and document. I'm working on making sense of each letter and why these were held so dearly by her. Why did these particular items make their way into her purse? Why did she warrant these important enough to group together?

It's a fun journey as each piece of this puzzle unfolds. Its also a glimpse into her life. The secret parts of her life. The parts no one, perhaps, knew. The parts that somehow (and for some reason) found their way to me.