Genealogy Photo A Day Participants and Pinterest Collaboration

Hey, Genealogy Photo A Day Participants, lets collaborate on Pinterest! 

If you are participating in the "Genealogy Photo A Day" Challenge over on Instagram and are sharing your posts (and blog posts) on Pinterest, lets collaborate!

I am opening my Genealogy Photo A Day board on Pinterest to those participating in the Challenge. Join my board and pin your images and links to potentially reach my almost 2500 Pinterest followers!

Does it sound like fun? All you need to do is...

1. Follow Genealogy Girl Talks on Pinterest
2. Send me a message (on Pinterest) with a request to join the board.
3. Then, I'll send you an invite.
4. After you accept your invite, you can begin pinning your Genealogy Photo A Day photos on the board!
5. It's just that easy!

Remember on Pinterest you can edit your pin and link it to your website, blog, or Instagram account!

Let's have some fun and share our pins! 

Once you join the board, be sure to pin other member's pins and spread some Genealogy Love on Pinterest!

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