GGT02: Blogging Your Family History: Deciding What to Blog About (GGT Podcast Episode 02)

In this episode of the Genealogy Girl Talks Podcast I discuss suggestions on what to blog about when you're starting your Family History Blog. There are several ideas and themes you can use for your new blog. 

A few suggestions offered in this episode are: (1) Using Timelines (2) Creating Memorials (3) Writing Family Stories (4) Blogging your Family Tree.

Remember there are many ways to blog your family history. Have you decided what you will blog about? How do you intend to share your family history? You can visit the show notes for this episode at: 

ANNOUNCEMENTS from today's episode:

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2. Coming February 2017 is the Genealogy Girl Talks Family History PINTEREST Challenge! You can find more information here: 

You can listen to this podcast episode in your browser below:

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