5 Creative Ways to use Instagram for your Family History

Instagram is all the buzz lately. The number of users has increased dramatically over the last year. Are you using Instagram to share your Family History? I created this list of "5 Creative Ways to use Instagram for your Family History" to help you along your Instagram journey.

1. Use it as a blogging platform. You can post pictures and share your family stories.

2. Share family photographs that are currently tucked away in a photo album. Take a picture of your pictures with your phone or tablet and upload them to your Instagram account to share with others.

3. Share pictures of your family heirlooms. What better way to share your family heirlooms with others than taking a picture, uploading it to Instagram, and sharing with others.

4. Connect with new cousins and family by using family surname hashtags in your posts.

5. Share local history photos and pictures of your region. This is a great way to show others who don't live in your area photographs of where their family originates.

These are just a few of the ways you can use Instagram to share your photos. Don't forget you can always join the "Genealogy Photo A Day" Challenge, too. Click here to learn more!

How are you using Instagram to share your Family History?


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