Genealogy Tip: Cite Your Sources

GENEALOGY TIP: "Verify your information with documents. Cite your sources." Remember to verify all the information you add to your family tree. This includes any record (birth, marriage, death, etc) or document you find along your journey. 🌳 Cite your sources so you can locate those records and documents later. 🌳 #genealogy #genealogygirltalks #familyhistory #family #citeyoursources #documentyourfindings #ancestry #ancestor #genealogytip #advice

Today's GENEALOGY TIP is one that I am reminded of when I look back on my earlier research. When I first started on this journey years ago I simply added names and dates to my tree. I knew the importance of citing my sources, but always thought I would go back to it later. Well, later never came with a few of my ancestors and, here I am, years later, scratching my head trying to remember where that information came from!

Some Family History software allows you to easily add sources and documents. Others make it a little more difficult. Familiarize yourself with the program you use and learn how to add documents and information sources. Many programs have a help menu to assist you with this.

What type of sources should you document? ALL of them! Document any record (birth, marriage, death, etc) that you find along your journey. Document parents and siblings with census records and other sources. 

Remember to verify your information and document your sources.

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