GGT 005 BONUS VIDEO Genealogy Search: Draft Registration Cards

A lot of information about ancestors can be found when researching World War I (WWI) and World War II (WWII) US Draft Registration Cards. These cards, when you find one, can help you learn the occupation, height, build, eye color, hair color, and nearest living relative of your ancestor. Personally, I love finding these and seeing the physical characteristics of my family members. It amazes me how genetics work and the fact that 100 years later these physical characteristics are still prevalent in my family.

Do you wonder where your tall stature and slender build came from? Or where you inherited your grayish blue eyes from? Check out your family's US Draft Registration Cards. 

I created a short video of how to search your family's US Draft Registration cards from World War I and World War II for FREE using the website! 

You can view that video here:

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