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Connect with family online

Many individuals who do family genealogy know that connecting with family is important. However, some are reluctant to do this. From my own experience I can tell you that I have had the most amazing experiences connecting with family members online. Yes, I have had many emails go without responses, messages apparently ignored, incorrect email addresses returned, and replies similar to “I’m not related” to your family. I’ve had message board inquiries sit for months and years with no response. However, mixed in with those experiences, I have had replies that changed my life!

I want to encourage you to send that email, post that message, make that call, and ask those questions! You will make a connection. I guarantee there is another family member, somewhere, searching your family, too! It just takes patience and perseverance to find them.

Don’t give up! Keep shaking your tree and you will make a connection!

Happy searching!

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