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William Gillman Found In Church Records

Whoa! Today I located Church Records from the Sardis Association's yearly Meeting Minutes! To say I'm excited is clearly an understatement! I can't believe I finally found records that list my ancestors! What a great find!

So, let me tell you a little bit about what I found and then I will share a little about these records.

Who Wins Family Feuds?

Here we go! It’s my first blog post here where I share my personal family history! I’ve debated about this for years. Then, I decided to just do it. So, why not begin with my feudist ancestors...

While researching my family history, I've found several family feuds that involved my ancestors. I've often wondered who actually "wins" these feuds. Is it the family who killed the most people? The family who obtained the land? Who actually wins in these feuds?

Who Wins Family Feuds? by Genealogy Girl Talks / #HatfieldMcCoy #McCoy #Hatfield #FamilyFeud #HatfieldMcCoyFeud

Wordless Wednesday July 18, 2018

Wordless Wednesday (July 18, 2018)


June 2018 Genealogy Photo A Day Challenge Daily Prompts

The June 2018 Genealogy Photo A Day prompts are now available!

To participate in the challenge on Instagram, use the hashtag #GenealogyPhotoADay with your photos and follow @GenealogyGirlTalks.

June 2018 Genealogy Photo A Day Challenge Daily Prompts from GenealogyGirlTalks.com

How To Avoid My Instagram Beginner Mistakes

Instagram Tips & How To Avoid My Instagram Beginner Mistakes. I’ve made a lot in the years of my blogging. Learn more at www.GenealogyGirlTalks.com

I was recently scrolling through my Instagram account. In the past four years I have made a lot of mistakes. Whether you are new to Instagram, or have been on there a long time, I hope my experiences (and mistakes) help you build your account, increase your following, and encourages you in your Instagram journey.