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Weekly Recap: Janis Joplin Genealogy & Family History

Over on Instagram this past week I began researching Janis Joplin’s Genealogy & Family History. I’m a HUGE Janis Joplin fan and found many surprises researching. It all started when I was on the Find A Grave website poking around the “Famous” Memorials. That’s when I discovered Janis Joplin’s 2nd great grandfather was from Virginia. Well, most of my family is from Virginia so I decided to head down the trail to see if I could find a family connection. 

Janis Joplin Genealogy & Family History weekly recap 01. Read more about Janis’ Genealogy & Family History!

Free Interactive U.S. County Formation Maps

I’ve been using a website in my family history research for years. Today, I noticed a similar product is available for purchase. So, in an attempt to assist the frugal genealogist and family historian I am sharing the website I use. 

Free Interactive U.S. County Formation Maps by GenealogyGirlTaks.com #genealogy #familyhistory #maps #interactive

Zion Cemetery in Valley City Ohio

Today we took an impromptu visit to the Zion Cemetery in Valley City, Ohio. The cemetery is located next to the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church. While we were visiting, the church bells began playing. It was beautiful. This cemetery and church sit on a hill high above the road. It’s definitely one we want to visit again.

Lucy Jane Owens Fraysier: My BrickWall Ancestor

Lucy Jane Owens My Brickwall Ancestory by Genealogy Girl Talks (www.GenealogyGIrlTalks.com)

This beautiful woman (on the left) is my maternal 2nd great grandmother, Lucy Jane Owens Fraysier, from Virginia.

She is known to many as Grandma Lucy. Grandma Lucy was born in December 1852 to John & Mary (Buster) Owens. She passed in Scott County, Virginia in 1931.

I Spend Too Much Time On Social Media and How I’m Changing That

I Spend Too Much Time On Social Media and How I’m Changing That! by Genealogy Girl Talks

Like many of you, I spend too much time on Social Media. I’m constantly on my phone scrolling through my accounts. I pick up my phone, click that pretty little icon and it happens. I’m liking, posting, commenting, watching Stories, reposting, and getting lost in the app. 

I try to convince myself that I need to do this to grow my following.

I need to do this to increase my “Social Media Influencer” status (as one network calls it).